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Out Soon On: DVD Release Date: March 12, 2018 Not Yet Reviewed Toshiro (Tak , formerly Tak Sakaguchi, Versus), a ...
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Here at The Movie Ninjas,  we are dedicated to providing users with an extensive collection of web-links and resources on the most popular Martial Arts movie trailers, films clips, Tv spot and video games on the web.  We are passionate about sharing all things martial arts: styles, philosophies, and significant aspects of Martial arts movies. As martial arts movie enthusiasts and supporters of the Martial Arts Movie Industry, our mission is to revitalize the genre and to encourage a growing community of those who share the same passion. We have created a place where web surfers can search for, stumble on, or watch the coolest movie previews on the net.  Connect, Share, and have a peek inside one of the most highly regarded and captivating genres: Kung Fu! The Movie Ninjas prides itself on having one of the largest libraries of rated classic and modern kung fu movies you won’t find anywhere else.