10 Crazy Facts about Martial Arts

Martial Arts is one of the most loved among fighting fans. At a certain point in our lives we all have been a fan of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, though I still am, my motivation for Kung-fu. Martial arts isn’t just what we see in movies, it’s much more than that. We have list up a few crazy facts about martial arts you should know if you call yourself a true follower of martial art.

Broken Bones Mutants

Mutants, yes mutants, but not what you think it is. The most deadliest from of martial arts is Muay Thai. The Muay Thai practitioners are practically like mutants, as strong as the wolverine, they break their own bones to get super strong skeletons, yet the bones grow out to be stronger. They are fierce, if they can do this to their own selves, just imagine what they can do to others.

The Color Code

Ever wondered what this all color scheme of belts is about? They say don’t mess with the black belt whenever it comes to martial arts. What I used to think was that there might be a mystic origin for the color scheme yet I found out the most interesting thing, they dyed the same cloth over and over again until the last color turned out to be black, and yet they made it the color of seniority.

Jackie is Action

Jackie Chan is one of the most famous actors who perform the martial arts stunts themselves. Chan broke twelve concrete blocks with his hand yet he kept the egg he was holding unbroken.

Vanishing Arrows in Thin Air

Oliver Queen from the Arrow is a super hero, but ninjas are not super humans as some think. The skill of catching arrows in air seems astonishing enough to make one believe that ninjas have super powers yet they don’t. Arrows are slower than a bullet yet easier to track the path leading to the fact that you can catch it. A normal human Anthony Kelly has set the record of catching 33 arrows out of the air, yet he is no super human.

Karate – Empty Hand

Ever wondered what the word Karate actually means? It’s weird yet interesting, Karate means “Empty Hands”. It was introduced by the indigenous martial arts of the RyuKyu Islands.

A Hybrid – Dance and Martial Arts

Capoeira is a form of martial arts that was originated by the African slaves, it is a ritual dance combined with the fighting techniques. Dance it off!

My Ninja, My GPS

The interesting thing about ninjas is that they never get lost. They can always figure the way out even from the useless things like overgrown moss or trees. They are your live google map. Get a ninja instead of a GPS!


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