5 of the Best Martial Arts Movies You Should Watch Right Now

For many years, the martial arts movies were staple of filmmaking in Hong Kong because they were cheap to make and popular with audiences. Today, the production values have increased dramatically to where some releases seem like works of art.

Here are five of the best martial arts movies that you can watch right now.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon [Blu-ray]

Released in 2000, the film used wires to help some of the combatants appear to fly which created a whole new sensation for many movie audiences. Yun-Fat Chow plays the Master Li Mu Bai who has his fabled sword stolen by Ziyi Zhang who engages numerous fights including an unforgettable encounter at a local restaurant along with her first fight with the luminous Michelle Yeoh which actually had movie audiences applauding.

Drunken Master II

Jackie Chan has created some very funny and engaging martial arts films over the years, including his American breakthrough with “Rumble in the Bronx”.  However, it is his second foray into becoming the “drunken master” that results in a highly entertaining, stunt-filled, jaw-dropping film. Chan plays a character that is a skilled martial artist, but lacks real power until he starts drinking. The movie features some incredible action scenes, including three one-on-one fights in a row that take up the last 20 minutes of the film.

Enter the Dragon

The quintessential Bruce Lee movie may arguably not be the best film he made as “The Chinese Connection” is a perennial favorite. However, “Enter the Dragon” was Lee’s true breakthrough film and his destruction of so many bad guys over the course of the movie is something to behold. More than just the demonstration of Lee’s command of the martial arts, it showed that he offered a dynamic, engaging personality on the screen who unfortunately was cut down in the prime of life.


Jet Li is a renowned martial artist with a cool presence, but few films have managed to properly capture his personal while being highly engaging and robust like “Hero”. At the very least, “Hero” is a beautifully shot film that offers stunning choreography in the numerous fight scenes. The film managed to break through to American audiences while retaining its place as one of the best martial arts films to come from China.

One-Armed Swordsman

While many films have claimed the mantle of being the first of the martial arts movies to find a wider audience, the “One-Armed Swordsman” released in 1967 offers the first anti-hero of the bunch. Brimming with action, gore, and plenty of limbs that go flying, Jimmy Wang as the incredible Fang Kang demonstrates that you do not need two arms to destroy your enemies.

There is no shortage of martial arts movies for you and your friends to enjoy. The five represented here are some of the best ever made.

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