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What is a Ninja Meter? It’s a way of telling you about a movie or video game in an easy to digest format.   The Ninja Meter was created to help viewers get the information they want at a glance, quick and straight to the point.



This first one is a no-brainer. Of course, every good plot should also have an equally good character that can bring the audience watching until the very end.  Characters that have relatable characteristics especially being in the same age group as the audience make them more appealing.  It’s also always great for characters to have unique personalities that differ from other martial arts animes. That’s basically the quality that sets them apart and makes them less of a rip-off.

 Development of characters and story are very important in a good martial arts anime. It’s always different from other genres of anime. In martial arts animes, the protagonists usually starts off weak but with conviction, facing stronger opponents, training, then getting better over time. The plot style is usually always the same, but the creativity of the writers have really been amazing to spice the plot up.




Good choreography always goes a long way. It gives a little bit more meaning to the fighting scenes and just plain awesomeness. Naruto has probably one of the coolest and elaborate fighting scenes. It’s always satisfying to watch taijutsu or hand-to-hand combat in action. Of course, there are also animes that are the same with this like HunterxHunter and Dragon Ball.



Well, not exactly brutality with gore and blood but brutality as in more impact in how the characters attack and move. This could be subjective but a real martial arts anime would really go beyond and pack a lot of punch into their fighting scenes to give more impact and awesomeness. Animes should feature epic clashes throughout.



Anime should showcases depth in their fighting with moves based on real martial arts. Naruto has developed their jutsus and fighting style variations from taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu. Dragon Ball with Goku’s new Ultra Instinct and some other fighting styles. Great martial arts anime should showcase fighting analysis and tactical strategy in them which really give them more depth.



One thing’s for sure, an anime that can tell a story through battle is definitely a winner. One of those is Dragon Ball Z, Samurai Champloo, and Katanagatari. How can it tell a story through battle? The simple exchange of power is already a form of communication to the audience. Backstories and insights during battle are also ways of telling a story in battle. Emotions are also always carried out during battle.


The general concept of a Martial Arts anime can make or break its success. It’s probably the main point of attraction and one of the reasons why an audience would watch it. A great example of a concept is Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s not an anime but it is inspired by the Japanese culture. The concept is having 4 elements and doing martial arts to wield those elements. Another example is Naruto because of its concept of the Shinobi world, system of power, elements, clans, and factions. Dragon Ball also has a great concept because of its system of races and power. Basically, a great concept gives a system to the anime. Their unique concepts however is what really sets them apart.




The captions and subtitles are translated properly.  If the translations are not accurate, viewers may not only misinterpret the story and dialogue but get confused throughout the movie.  This makes a significant difference and a quality action movie will have adequate subtitles and captions.



Dubbing is the process of replacing the vocal script spoken in old classic martial arts movies with that of another voice, translated into another language. While the dubbing quality in martial arts movies can come across as comical, there are some movies that put more effort into the accuracy. The spoken words will carefully follow the lip movement and will be as accurate as possible. Dubbing should flow well and make the story easy to follow so that there is no distraction from what the director is presenting.


Ah yes, like every anime does. If an anime has a good story and then graphics then it’s a huge winner! Graphics could, of course, be subjective but we are talking about the animation style, the use of motion blurs, the techniques in using colors, use of angles and camera tricks, and everything aesthetically pleasing.



Soundtrack differs from every anime genre. Epic music featured in action scenes not only gives depth to the scene but also sets up the hype for it. Music can be so impactful as to compensate for bad graphics and create a mood for something more epic. An iconic OST also really helps the reputation of the anime. Naruto’s Main OST is probably one of the best and iconic ones out there. It really brings a ninja feel to it and sort of a historical Japanese.




Any movie that is considered exceptional, will be memorable. Not only will it be a movie you could watch again, but it will be one that you will never forget and one that you will be eager to talk about.




There you have it! Now, we can tally up a score between 1 – 10 to determine just how great the movie is and it’s it worth watching.  This is the essence of the Movie Ninjas.