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Spectacularly aesthetic and painfully slow. The plot (you have to work hard but it is there) involves love, heartbreak and forgiveness. Beautiful sets, elegant costumes, superior lighting make this a masterpiece for the eye. The outstanding visual and camera-work could barely atone for the fact that with almost no pacing, no dialogues, no music and no acting this could barely be considered a movie.

While the cinematography is rich and the locations awe-inspiring, The Assassin establishes a slow but steady pace that takes the viewer by the hand and guides them gracefully through this epic story.The production and fight scenes are subdued yet engaging to observe. The movie is visually refreshing but emotionally tedious.

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Nie Yinniang

Tian Ji'an, governor of Weibo

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This had nonstop action!!! If you look away, you'll miss something! Five stars!!!
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