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Mortal Kombat XL Game Review

What can we expect from the new XL version, well a much larger Mortal Kombat X. They are no adding to the original content from Mortal Kombat X. More fighters is what Mortal Kombat XL offers you but let’s talk about the game itself a little bit.

Mortal Kombat XL not only offers more fighters but also a new story, which shows that the guys at NetherRealm now what they are doing. We also have different game modes and mini games. The technical aspect of this game is excellent and the game play is above average. You can see this in the constant updates the game has received since it came out. They also fixed some issues with the online aspect of the game, so overall, the new pack has a lot of improvements.

Regarding the new characters, we have a few new ones and a few special guests as well. You can play as Alien and Predator, or Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th or Leatherface from the Texas Massacre. we are missing Freddy Krueger from Mortal Kombat 9 but unfortunately, we don’t have him here. We also have fighters such as Tanya, Tremor, Bo’Rai Cho, Triborg, Smoke, Sketor, Cyrax and Cyber Sub Zero. We also get Goro, the 4 arm prince in included in the game at no extra cost.

As you know the game play is superb, very responsive, great graphics and lots of fighters. These type of games don’t have to do much, just focus on giving the fans what they want, great fighting characters, combos and fatalities. This new pack also brings new customes and crazy designs that you will surely enjoy. If that isn’t enough for you, we also have new functions and content, for example, The Pit, which includes the fatality feature, so they are bringing back elements from the early games.

There are also other arenas to battle, like a refugee camp and one where the sea is going crazy behind you. The combat is fast, agile and gives you great control of the character. Is simple enough for anybody to learn in 10 minutes but also complex enough to leave the competition in the dust if we learn to use correctly. This game has elements of NetherRealm’s last game Injustice, especially with the interactiveness of the surroundings.  We still have the energy bar, which fills up when we hit or are hit, this can be used to execute special versions of combos and moves, pull up a combo breaker or with a full bar, you can perform a spectacular X-Ray attack, where you can see the effect of your blows on the body of your opponent.

They also went back to the secret button combination for the fatalities, but nowadays you can easily find them online. As always, every character has it’s own moves, fatalities, combos and special abilities, which makes us understand from the beginning, that we are playing a Mortal Kombat game. Also, the story mode has a particular ending for each character, if you are able to complete the game with all of them that is. Now, don’t get discouraged by this, there are also very easy to do fatalities, which can be done with a 2 button combination, for those who don’t want to spend 1 minutes hitting a sequence of buttons.

In summary, Mortal Kombat X was already an awesome game, with this new version and it’s interesting content, they took it to the next level. Ed Boon’s work along with his company made it clear that Mortal Kombat wants to remain at the top of the genre. They managed to do this without losing any of the elements and ingredients that have made the franchise great. We have different options, modes and content that expands the experience, which is highly appreciated in this day and age of gaming platforms. This game without a doubt is one of the best fighting games in the last decade. Just remember, in this game one second is the difference between pulling out an awesome combo that leaves your opponent begging for mercy, or ending up spitting out all your teeth in a pool of blood.

Ninja Rating: 4.8/5


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