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What is a Ninja  Meter? It’s a way of telling you about a video game or movie in an easy to digest format. The Ninja Game Meter was created to help viewers get the information they want at a glance, quick and straight to the point.



An awesome martial arts video game will have an advanced platform, allowing for multiple game options for solo and multiplayer, with multiple skill levels. The characters available will have very distinct characteristics that make them unique and their moves unique.


The graphics within the martial arts game should be of high quality. This expresses great workmanship put into the game and makes it more playable. The graphics should be detailed and realistic, consisting of great character details, background details, and colourful imagery.


Another feature to look for is a narrative storyline, objective or mission that is engaging and keeps you tied in, eager to “finish.” Great martial arts games lead to a reward of some type, whether you are to solve a mystery through that involves combat, fighting in the ring to win trophies or belts, or you have a mission to save someone.  It might be a storyline to follow much like a movie that you are participating in. The mission will be challenging, but entertaining, and interesting at the same time.


The quality of the special effects is one of the main scoring factors! A great fighting game will consist of extraordinary special effects that keep the game exciting. The effects will look realistic and get more exciting throughout the game, rather than remaining consistent. Great effects will include environmental and background effects, special effects like flying and mind-blowing effects during attacks, blood, realistic violence, and the character’s reactions will be convincing.



The replay feature is valuable to have. You should be able to go back, and watch select scenes, play the mini-games or specific sections. With replay feature, you may also be able to attempt to master specific levels you have already played.


To keep the competition exciting, there will be an impressive selection of combo moves to take advantage of in a good martial arts game. These combo moves give you new things to learn and provide you with leverage over your opponent. These are especially great for multiplayer games.


The martial arts styles used in video games must be legitimate and there should be many tactics available. If it’s a boxing game, then there will be every primary style and substyle available to utilize. If there are a variety of martial arts styles available, they will all align with proper techniques taught in a martial arts school.


To be considered a great martial arts video game, it must be realistic – from the moves to the special effects. It should keep you focused and hooked! If there’s a sad scene in the narrative, it will provoke emotion in the player. If there is anger or rage, the player will feel it.


Great sound effects make a fighting game that much more entertaining and believable. The sound effects should coincide well with the special effects. With each kick, punch, and with all the special movies, the sounds will have their own distinct place and you won’t hear the same sounds for different fighting tactics. The effects will also reflect the level of intensity with hits and blows throughout the game.


The soundtracks have a substantial impact on the game and should be enjoyable. The music should be appealing and set the mood for the scenes throughout the game. It will be well-composed and create a sense of energy and excitement. It should also follow the narrative and flow well.